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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

walking the walk

Take a look at this image, yes, it's the Great wall of China, and just a tenny weeny section of it at that! Today, I wanted to bring to your attention to a group of 9 brave ladies who are, this very month, walking the wall for charity. It makes me feel tired just looking at this image and I hope that we can all get behind them (not literally you understand!) and support what they are doing.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Pure genius – turn your iphone into a scanner

It's been a busy old time for me, despite suffering from a tedious cold (which has had an annoying impact on my half marathon training!) and so I apologise to those of you who have had to cope with the stresses and strains of daily life without my inane blogging.

So a week off the gym, no time off work, but possibly keeping soothers profit margins up which is a bonus for them I guess...