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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Competition alert!!

So it's that time again and chocolate will soon be on the menu (like it isn't already - right?), so in honour of all things Easter and of course, chocolate, we are looking for the most creative egg. Yes that's right, decorate an egg or similarly shaped object, send us a picture - just a mobile snapshot will do, and you could win 50 bespoke greetings cards for your own personal use, professionally designed, printed and of course, delivered to the door of your choice.

So what have you got to lose, get doodling and decorating - those cards are within your reach...

And for inspiration, here a few websites to look at:
• Display of Easter eggs
• Top 10 Easter Eggs gallery
• Egg carving, must be seen to be believed...
• Sorbian eggs gallery...

Just in case you didn't know...
1. The oldest decorated eggs are dated 60,000 years ago and were found in South Africa.
2. Decorated eggs are believed to ward off evil in some parts of the world.

Now go and make the world a brighter place, get the family involved, have your own egg painting session (great way to keep the wee folk quiet for a bit) - oh and don't forget to send a pic.
Good luck.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Minimal Side effects!

Ok so Jude Law, marmite right? Love him or hate him (I have a wee soft spot so I am in the former camp) he's generally a safe bet (despite a.i.) so when the Side Effects trailers came out, I was there, anticipating which size popcorn I would go for, I mean if it's a nail-biter, it would be large (as a distraction from the tension), but I digress: I saw it in a small screen cinema, which is usually indicative of a bit of a flop, or an end of run, so the signs weren't good.... I have to say that Jude put in an admirable attempt at a therapist, but he was just too soppy for my liking.