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Thursday, 13 November 2014


I was lucky enough to get to see the poppies at the Tower of London, first hand, twice – and both times the sight took my breath away.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My first Minion...

Go on ask me what I did today, go on...

'Well, among many other very important things, today I made my first MINION." I decided that a little Fimo creativity would be good exercise and so I set to sculpting (in the loosest possible way) a Minion and not just any Minion, but a purple one! These crazy little creatures are ridiculous and wacky and let's face it who needs a reason really? You may think my skills are despicable, but hey, its a start and for those of you who haven't the foggiest what I am wittering on about - check out Despicable me 2 on DVD, or you can get an idea of what the purple minions are here >

My first million? Well, I thought that could wait until tomorrow.

Come on send me your most despicable minion and I promise to post it...

Monday, 21 July 2014

Romeo & Julie-wet..!

"What Glorious weather we are experiencing"
"Indeed, the likes of which hasn't been seen, ooh for many a year..."
"We should take advantage of such a glut of sunshine, should we not?"
"Absolutely, why, I hear of an outdoor rendition of a Shakespeare play - what say you?"
"A delight... let's attend forthwith..."

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Relay for Life - Lydney

Here we are: The Mad Scientists team in full costume!!
So, We traveled to The Forest of Dean, to take part in this fabulous 24 hr walkathon in aid of Cancer research UK on Friday night, and awoke to thunder, lightning and buckets of rain on the actual day of the event! So, after pitching our tent in a brief dry spell, we had a very wet start to this 24hr event.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

A guide to socail media use

Simple, straightforward, quick reference - hope it's useful.

Endangered hardwood = endangered wildlife

I watched 'I bought a rainforest' on BBC2 and although I haven't yet finished all three episodes, I was moved to shout from the rooftops about what I saw.

I love rainforests and I visit them at every opportunity, so I was intrigued to hear about this idealistic photographer (Charlie Hamilton James) who had purchased 100 acres in Peru, bordering a national Park in the hope of creating a 'safe buffer' to prevent the illegal timber felling affecting the park.

X-Men – Marvel-ous

I was a little slow off the blocks, but eventually got to see 'X-Men, Days of Future Past' and well, wow! Any opportunity to see the X-Men can't be missed, well at least not in my book, but to revisit much loved characters long gone - what more excuse could you need.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Super sweet candy crush cheat

Ok, so you made the mistake of starting Candy crush and now you can't stop? Yes, been there, done  that - I may even get the tee shirt... but what's more frustrating than being addicted to a game that is quite frankly playing havoc with my eyes and my interpersonal skills? You guessed it, getting stuck at the master levels and then being tempted to pay to advance! Well for all you candy crushers out there, here is a way to get through to master levels without getting stuck and having to wait for the 'tooth fairy' (I mean really?!) to wave you through, or for charitable friends to help you through to the next stage...

Friday, 25 April 2014

Roadrunner - in his natural habitat?

I kid you not, this has not been tampered with in any way shape or form, no photoshop shananagins - this is a genuine photo take with my own fair hand in the New Forest. I always wondered what became of the roadrunner - and here is is, or natures version of him at least!

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Not the end of the world – oh Noah...

I never found religion, and forrtunately it never found me, so when the film Noah was advertised I was actually a little suprised at how much I wanted to see it. Maybe it was the cast, maybe it was the gritty trailer, whatever it was, I was one of the first in the queue, popcorn in hand.

As grand as they get!

The Grand Budapest Hotel

I must admit to being curious, curious but not overly excited about this film after seeing the trailer. The cast alone made it worthwhile to see, but I was a little worried that it might be a bit too slapstick for my tatses. However, I couldn't have been more wrong...

Monday, 7 April 2014

Bill Bailey and a takeaway owl...

I am lucky enough to have been involved for a number of years with the ICBP Newent (International Birds of Prey Centre) and Pinkfrog has been a part of their design team over the last few years. As such I was invited to attend Bill Bailey's official opening of the Charity Raptor Hospital recently.

Bill Bailey has been a great supporter of the centre since an experience in China left him appalled at finding a 'live Owl' on the menu. He subsequently purchased the owl from the restaurant and released it back into the wild.