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Thursday, 19 June 2014

X-Men – Marvel-ous

I was a little slow off the blocks, but eventually got to see 'X-Men, Days of Future Past' and well, wow! Any opportunity to see the X-Men can't be missed, well at least not in my book, but to revisit much loved characters long gone - what more excuse could you need.

I saw it in 3D, although honestly - I am still a little undecided on whether I prefer the 3D experience or not... There were elements of it that were truly spectacular in 3D, but sometimes, I feel like I am wearing those pesky shades just for the intros and adverts.

The Storyline is reassuringly predictable: Evil threatens the world, misunderstood good guys battle to save it, and so on. But predictability is half the draw in the superhero genre, I mean, where would we be if the good guys didn't triumph over the bad? Well clearly in large dollops of doo-doo, but what's more important than the overall story? The Journey of course.

Bryan Singer directs this epic movie and all of the usual faces return along with some new ones to add to the intrigue. Peter Dinklage plays a fantastic role as the 'baddie' and what he lacks in height, he more than makes up for in his on-screen presence. As a fan of Game of thrones I am already a big fan of his work, but in this one he plays a clinically detached rogue to perfection.

This movie focuses on Wolverine's journey, using a form of mutant enabled time travel, this movie focuses on Wolverine's journey to the past to ensure that a future, set to destroy the world as we know it, never comes about. There is plenty of action, humour and complexity to keep the viewer engaged throughout (this isn't a spoiler, but I challenge you to keep track of the transportation windows!) and flexing those mental muscles.

As ever, Hugh Jackman is a rock star - super buffed for the role and adopting the slick, thug image like he was born be be 'Wolverine' - he never disappoints. The stars in this film are too many to list, but all of them deserve credit for an excellent performances and an overall excellent film. I will be watching it again, and possibly more than twice...

If you haven't seen the trailer yet, you can check it out here >

If you like the X-Men, you will love this film. A great choice and certainly not an overdone series. Stock up on the popcorn and settle back into the comfiest seats you can get, and enjoy.


Possibly the funniest malapropism story I have heard to date, and the best bit is it is true:

A lady goes to the hospital for tests and after being shown to the ward she goes back outside for a quick cigarette. When she goes to return to her room she realises that she didn't make a mental note of which way she came. So she spots a nurse, explains the situation and asks for directions. 

'No problem,' says the nurse 'what were you in for?'

'Oh, an autopsy' the lady replies.

There is a pause... and the nurse gently pats the lady's arm...

'No, I don't think so dear' she laughs.

It was a little later when the lady realised that the word she was looking for was 'Biopsy'

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