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Envelope printing tips / sizes

Printed envelopes are a nice brand reinforcer, but if you choose to invest in them, you need to make sure you have an understanding of how to get the best results and the best value for your money.

You will always, get better results if you print envelopes prior to having them made up.
If you print onto an already assembled envelope, due to the variation in paper thicknesses (folds and glues) when it goes through the printing press, the print pressure varies. This in turn means that the graphics printed can be blurred around the edges. You will always get a much sharper print quality if you print onto flat paper and then have the envelopes assembled afterwards. This option can often work out more cost effective too.

Printing prior to assembly will also enable you to be more flexible with your envelope design, allowing you to bleed colour or images from the front to the back for example.

If you have to print onto pre-assembled envelopes, the best results will be achieved if you make sure your graphics do not overlap a fold on the existing envelope.

Envelope sizes USA

    •    A2 110.3mm x 144.9mm (4.34" x 5.7")
    •    A6 119.7mm x 163.8mm (4.71" x 6.45")
    •    A7 132.3mm x 182.7mm (5.2" x 7.2")
    •    No.6 92.1mm x 165.1mm (3.62" x 6.5")
    •    No.9 98.5mm x 225.5mm (3.9" x 8.9")
    •    No.10 104mm x 239.4mm (4.1" x 9.42")

Envelope sizes UK

    •    C3 324mm x 458mm (12.8" x 18")
    •    C4 229mm x 324mm (9" x 12.8")
    •    C5 162mm x 229mm (6.4" x 9")
    •    C6 114mm x 162mm (4.5" x 6.4")
    •    C7 114mm x 81mm (3.2" x 4.5")
    •    DL 110mm x 220mm (4.33" x 8.66")
Wallet envelope = has the flap on the long edge
Pocket envelope =  has the flap on the short edge

Envelopes with windows: Although there is a standard size and positioning for the windows, check with your envelope supplier, there are some variations out there. It doesn't look good if your address doesn't line up.