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Friday, 4 May 2012

Domestic appliance abuse...

It was a busy day, and so when I opened the fridge and was confronted by a black hole, I was momentarily flumoxed – ah the light was off! So I checked the plug, yes, it was in and it was on. So I checked the appliances next to it (using the same supply), yes, they were working fine. Just to be sure I jiggled the fridge out enough to reach the socket and swapped the plugs over, after all, it could just be the one side of the socket that was at fault right? No, still no light. Must be a fuse then. So I located a spare flex (There is always a spare flex for something somewhere?) and went about changing the fuses round, and yes, I checked the flex was working first. You guessed it...

Monday, 30 April 2012

A marvel and a masterpiece!

Back in September, I was lucky enough to be given some theatre vouchers as a birthday present and it had been on my list of to-do's to see War Horse for quite some time. I booked online and managed to get front row tickets for the show, but it meant waiting until now to do so. So, at the weekend, I was very happy to venture out in the howling winds and driving rain and head into town (not sure my other half was quite so chuffed!). We made it, a little moist round the ankles, in one piece, to the New London Theatre on Drury lane,