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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Drum roll please...

As the summer has well and truly arrived, or so it would seem... I may well get the canoe out. Let that be advance warning to all of you who are brave enough to venture onto the Thames this summer.

Well that's it guys, with a little extension to the original competition closure date, the paper frog competition is officially closed for entries. We are, even as you read, assessing the entries with a critical eye... good luck and a big thank you to all who entered.

As soon as the winner is announced, you will of course be the first to know. Well technically the winner will be the first to know and receive a box of pinkfrog goodies, but you will definitely be the second to know... we promise!

Talking of boxes... (smooth link huh?) – It has come to my notice that a great many of you, are, unaware of the glories of Dropbox...