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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

It's 'About Time'...

Well there's no question, Richard Curtis has only been and gone and done it again! Another winning recipe and an excellent cast to boot - how does he do it? From the Creator of Love Actually, Notting Hill and Four Weddings and a Funeral, comes another must see film.

I have to admit that when I looked at the films on offer, this one wasn't my first choice, but in the absence of any masked superheroes, it seemed to be the best option and of course, it was.

Bill Nighy (who is of course a God, or at least maybe a Demi-God), plays a super cool father who has to somehow tell his 21 year old son the facts about their 'inherited' time travelling skills. Needless to say we are then taken on a journey of love, romance, laughter and sadness that almost left me speechless (almost!). We follow the trials and tribulations of Tim (Domhnall Gleeson who is probably best known as Bill Weasley from Harry Potter) as he trips and falls through his love life time and time again. Rachel McAdams who plays Mary is believable and reliable throughout and we are graced with a whole cast of 'A' listers such as Lindsay Duncan who is excellently cast, Tom Hollander (who never ceases to amaze with his range) and cameos from Richard E Grant and the late Richard Griffiths, just as the icing on the cake! There are some real laugh out loud moments and some very poignant ones to balance it out. If you think this is just another chick flick, think again.

I will admit that this is one of those that you could get on DVD, it doesn't need the big screen, but it's a great excuse for popcorn (scratch that - who needs an excuse) and of course if you wait for the DVD, then you have to do just that...wait - just go and see it.

All in all this film delivered on many levels. It was thought provoking and cleverly co-ordinated throughout. Like with most of Mr Curtis' delights, I am sure we will be seeing this on our screens for many a year to come and you know what, I can't wait.

Random redhead facts:
• Only 1% of the worlds population are redheads and most of these are found in the UK, Ireland and former UK colonies - like Australia for instance.
• Red heads are an endangered species (well almost) Apparently red heads are becoming more rare and are likely to be extinct in 100yrs or so...
• Red heads attract bees and are therefore stung more often - go figure!