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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

In de Nile

Well OK maybe not in the Nile (too many crocodiles) but on the Nile. Yes that is where I have just spent the last 7 days. I have to say that when I booked it I was a little unsure... I always thought I was a little young for cruising. But no, trust me, on this trip the more youthful you are, the better it will be. Less of a holiday and more of an expedition is how I would describe it, and an excellent one at that.

Getting your priorities straight with O2

Ok, for those of you who are already O2 customers and you haven't taken advantage of their priority moments offering – why not? It's free and they carry a huge amount of promotions at any given time, you have nothing to lose. Well apart from the two minutes or so it will take you to register for the service.