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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Super sweet candy crush cheat

Ok, so you made the mistake of starting Candy crush and now you can't stop? Yes, been there, done  that - I may even get the tee shirt... but what's more frustrating than being addicted to a game that is quite frankly playing havoc with my eyes and my interpersonal skills? You guessed it, getting stuck at the master levels and then being tempted to pay to advance! Well for all you candy crushers out there, here is a way to get through to master levels without getting stuck and having to wait for the 'tooth fairy' (I mean really?!) to wave you through, or for charitable friends to help you through to the next stage...

First, on the home screen, go to the 'arrow' section (bottom left of your screen) and select the cog that comes up when you tap it. This takes you to the setting menu, where you can scroll down to 'log out of facebook'. Go on - log out (you can log back in at any time and your status will not change). Then go back to the locked level and hey presto, you will be able to progress to the challenges and earn your way through to the next sugary sweet level. Enjoy and don't blame me for all the time you lose to this shockingly addictive app.

Once completed, you will still need to wait 24hrs to access the next challenge, but at least you won't have to pay.

After completing all of the challenges, simply go through the same process to log into Facebook and you are back on the jellybean saga track.

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