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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Relay for Life - Lydney

Here we are: The Mad Scientists team in full costume!!
So, We traveled to The Forest of Dean, to take part in this fabulous 24 hr walkathon in aid of Cancer research UK on Friday night, and awoke to thunder, lightning and buckets of rain on the actual day of the event! So, after pitching our tent in a brief dry spell, we had a very wet start to this 24hr event.
The Mad Scientists among many other teams, donned their costumes and set out to earn the money we had raised so far in sponsorship. After a joint team lap or three, we took turns, in pairs, throughout the 24hrs to walk the track for a range of themed fancy dress shifts, where anything you want shifts and competition laps. Luckily, after that very wet start, the weather seemed to be on our side and the sun shone for most of the weekend.

One of the bears in Mad Scientist garb...
Whoever was on the track was given charge of the team bears, (in baby harnesses) who also took part in every fancy dress shift, with their own little costumes.

You guessed it:The Fancy Pants round
After grabbing 3 hrs sleep at one stage between walks, the hardest walk was at 4am in the morning, a little chilly and with legs a little tired from the previous day (although it felt like the same day...), but we made it. There were times when the entire team were on the track, but mostly we walked in pairs. We were walking with survivors and participants of all ages, everyone doing their bit to help. It wasn't a race – there were people who ambled, people who ran and people who danced their way through their shift. Distance wasn't measured just time spent. It was truly inspirational to see so many people willing to give up their precious time and take part, regardless of their age, health or energy levels.

 Every team present (I think there were about 20 teams) made a great effort with the fancy dress for each of the themed shifts, and there were some spectacular costumes, both on and off the track. We had minions, toy soldiers (you know the little green plastic ones!) a complete squadron of red arrows, who impressively moved in formation! There were so many great outfits, all carrying a cancer themed message, and so much effort by all who took part and who contributed.

Bartessa and Ria, ready to entertain us all - a job well done!
We were entertained by Ms Pollard and chavvy BFF, (AKA Bartessa and Ria) on the stage at various points throughout the event which was exceptionally brave I think - excellent costumes. I don't think Gangnam Style will ever be seen in the same light again - er... thanks for that memory?! :)

Everyone who was there or who gave money, services or time to the event did a great job and a whopping £91,000.00 was raised - a huge record for this Lydney Relay for Life event which was celebrating it's 10th anniversary. Thank you to all of the people who sponsored me, it really is much appreciated. I met some great people and although a little weary at the end of it all, I left with a good feeling inside for what we had all achieved.

Candle of Hope ceremony - beautifully done.
A personal thank you to the rest of the Mad Scientists team, who all worked hard and our team leader Taz, who is always best when she's in charge. So if you want to find out more or get involved with the next one, you can contact Neil Garner here via the Lydney group website here >. Or if you don't fancy a trip to the Forest of Dean (which is gorgeous by the way) you can find your local even by going to the Cancer Research website here > Well done to everyone - what a great result!

You can seemore pictures of what we got up to on the FB page here >

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