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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Advert Amnesty

Well, as we are heading into April, I wanted to make you an offer that you would be foolish to miss out on!

As a designer, I often see press advertising that simply doesn't make the grade, poor design and zero impact, which makes for an expensive ad campaign that simply doesn't work. As it is spring, and we are now officially in British Summer Time, I thought it would be a great opportunity to clear out the old and usher in something new.

So, for the month of April I am offering an advert amnesty, which means that if you have an advert going to press and it's looking a little tired, or maybe you don't have an advert in place and want to make sure the first one you do is a good one, then I will create it for £60 – no hidden charges, that's it!

All you need to do is email me with the advert specification (size, width and height) along with any images, text and logos you require (if you have them) and leave the rest up to me. Whether it's a full page A4 or an eight page, the price is the same.

Advertising can be costly, so it's worth making sure that the advert that represents you, is exactly as it should be. Plus if you regularly advertise in the same publication, your advert can be re-used again and again if necessary for a one off cost of £60... what are you waiting for, get in touch!

If you require more than one advert, I am happy to apply the same discount to additional variations and re-sizes, but be quick, this offer is only valid until the end of April.

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