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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Where does the time go?

It occurred to me today that I have been remiss in communicating with you and certainly have been forgetting to bore you with mundane discoveries and the general banality of life, so this is just a quick update on what has been happening in my world. For those of you who are looking for some life changing revelation – I would tune out now...

...Still here? still vaguely interested? Read on...

Well after rambling on about it for a while, I did actually complete the half marathon that I was so dreading (that was in March, wow, time flies!) and in a half decent time, I reckon, for a beginner: 2hr 19 mins. The first 10 miles had me feeling quite cocky, but the last three nearly killed me. I ran all the way, no walking, no stopping! So now I feel like I deserve chocolate and lots of it. Just in time for Easter...

Since the run, I have been generally distracted by the extension. Which is a noisy, messy and generally frustrating affair, but there is light at the end of the tunnel now and that the guys we are using are just amazing. They drink me out of tea regularly and I don't think I have ever bought so much sugar, but it is a small price to pay and should be just about complete in 2 weeks. I am looking forward to a kitchen, one that doesn't consist of a microwave and kettle at the end of the bed, a plumbed in washing machine would be nice. But most of all I am looking forward to having the garden back in time for the summer.

I had a wander over to Hampton Court Palace the other day (as I don't have a garden of my own at the moment) and felt like I had stepped back in time, not just from the incredible history etc, but because there was a film crew filming 'Jack, the giant killer'. Call me astute, but I am guessing that it is a Jack and the beanstalk film. Anyway,the set was amazing, and consisted of a medieval market with all the trimmings. Sadly I had forgotten my camera, so you will just have to trust me, it was very cool.

What wasn't cool, was deciding that the sun was shining enough for me to venture into the loft to retrieve a pair of shorts and some flip flops, only to have a dead hornet drop onto my head! Not a good start when you have a serious (people are not safe around me, serious!) wasp phobia. After poking it into a box with a very long stick, I took great pleasure in trying to scare others with it (and failed), although I am such a pansy that I had to dispose of it at a friends house, I couldn't bear the thought of it being in my own bin!

And finally, a few facts for you, gleaned from my general experiences in the last few weeks...
• Even strangers, when cheering you on, really do help – keep it up!
• Peanut butter and Marmite really is the food of kings!
• Beware, Urban Foxes have mastered the catflap!
• Porridge: microwave friendly, filling and a healthy meal that requires no kitchen.
• When heavy statues are placed on columns, no modern technology can beat, wait for it: resting them on a bed of sugar lumps. Once the statue is positioned as required and all adjustments have been made. Water is poured over the sugar lumps in order to dissolve them and allow the heavy installation to settle gently into place.

Stay safe, don't talk to any strange men (or women) or play with matches.
Until the next installment...

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