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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Free films for Orange folk...

Yes that's right, non -orange customers will be green with envy for this one. This is an app that will let you download a free film every Thursday, pretty good we think. There is a slight cost involved which is associated with the request for the week's film code (35p) but we think that is a pretty acceptable cost all things considered.

It works for all Orange customers, although there are different procedures to follow depending on the device you use (ipad, iphone, Orange tablet etc.)You can find full instructions here: Orange film to go.

The idea is that you pay a connection fee in order to get the film code for that week and then you download the film at your leisure. The films are published  a week ahead of time so you can always make an informed decision. Orange do advise that you don't use your 3G connection as that could incur additional charges, but instead use Wi Fi.

The films are downloaded from itunes and are valid for a 30 day period. Once you start to watch the film, you will need to finish watching it within 48 hours (but you can watch it as many times as you like within that 48 hour period.)

Great idea if you are heading away on holiday or a business trip where 'down time' can be tedious and if you are anything like me, when on a plane, my telly never works properly!!

So, go, enjoy a world of free (...well, moderately low cost) film, courtesy of the man in the orange coat.

Some alternative things you may not know:
• Snails eggs are white, look like clusters of white berries and are generally found in dark moist places in the garden (don't be tempted to eat them).
•Play-Doh doesn't taste even half as good as it smells.
• You never grow out of peanut butter

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