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Monday, 14 November 2011

Immense, impactful...

Yes, It's the one we've all been waiting for 'Immortals'. Henry Cavill (you may recognise him from the acclaimed 'Tudors' series) plays an excellent peasant hero (Theseus), who wins the hearts of the audience from the start, while the Gods make strategic moves to shape his future, without appearing to do so...
If you liked 300, you will love this. It is every bit as gruesome and has some truly uncomfortable moments, but if you are prepared for that, then believe me it is worth it.

Mickey Rourke puts in an excellent performance as the evil, power crazed King Hyperion and no-one plays the bad guy quite as well as he does (in my opinion). It's also good to see Stephen Dorff outside of the Blade series. John Hurt, puts in his usual silky smooth performance as an old, wise man, guiding the young Theseus through the turmoil of his life and the persecution he experiences through the wrongdoing of others. There is a moral, as always, but the film is as brutal as life generally is and is all the better for it.

It's a fast moving, action packed movie that will hold your attention from start to finish and the visual effects are absolutely stunning. Full credit to the Director, Tarsem Singh, who really excels here.

I do believe that the rating is a little low to be honest (15), but then I guess there's worse violence to be found on most computer games these days...

If you want a great sci-fi movie, this is the one to watch. Whether you see it in 3D or not is up to you, I did (I just like the glasses!) but I am sure nothing will be lost in the translation into a 2D experience. Settle back with your popcorn and enjoy.

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