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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Movember madness...

No, you haven't entered a time warp, men everywhere really are sporting moustaches of the most outrageous variety... and all for a mighty fine cause. I have seen and indeed met, participants of the Movember movement, a movement dedicated to raise awareness and funds for testicular and prostate cancer.
Previously clean shaven menfolk of all ages have spent the month growing and grooming top lip fluff, which according to the rules of Movember, can only be removed when December arrives. Check out the official website here...>

Originally started in Melbourne, Australia, the movement has grown to encompass the globe and now boast over 1.1 million participants, male and female (no, the females aren't required to grow moustaches – although maybe some do...?. Globally, over 106 million (pounds sterling has been raised since it's birth in 2003). So go on, if you see a Moustachio'ed man in your vicinity, give him a bob or two for his troubles and support a good cause in the process. I know of one moustache growing man who would appreciate all the support you can offer, you can donate to Marc here...>

Why Tom Selleck? Well when it comes to moustaches, surely the man is king...

If you have participated in Movember, please send a photo of your face grown results, you never know, there may be a prize/donation it in for you.

Random, non-related questions, ponderings...
•Why, when we have 1 driving lane and 2 overtaking lanes on a 3 lane motorway, do people insist on sitting in the overtaking lanes?? Is it any wonder that motorway congestion is an issue when half of the drivers driving on it don't actually understand the concept...
• Definition of bravery: The first person to create a really smelly cheese, ignore the smell and actually put it in their mouth.
• Should there be an official date for Christmas retailing, for example, should shops be banned from Christmas windows until say... November at the earliest?

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