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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Orange squash

Yes, I confess, I completely got into the spirit (excuse the pun) of Halloween, In fact I could even say I got in, swam a mile and spent a fair amount of time just floating about in it, am I sad, or is it nicer to say just 'young at heart'?

I know it probably seems like an age ago that Halloween week passed us by (I say week, as it seems to get longer every year...) but I have to say that this year had to be the best Halloween I can remember. I wonder if I am becoming slightly influenced by our American cousins, who take it all so seriously...

Anyway, I was invited to a party, where entrance was only guaranteed if you were accompanied by a carved pumpkin (I would say you had to carve your own, but not sure everyone adhered to that particular rule...). So I went out and purchased a suitable size/shape pumpkin and set about my masterpiece. The result was a pumpkin, eating a turnip (also carved) and I have to say not only did I thoroughly enjoy the experience, but I didn't do too badly at it!! The party was of course fabulous and the pumpkins were many and varied and by the end of the night there simply wasn't enough space to house them all. Sadly I didn't win the coveted 'best pumpkin' prize, that went to a witch (carving not person) and an owl (... same logic applies) but I will make plans for next year... challenge on! By the way this image isn't my own creation, but just one of the many fabulous pumpkin carvings that can be found here>

Much as we all like scaring small children on this particular night/week (well it's the expected thing at this time of year surely?) sadly the wee monsters didn't make it to where we live, 'too spooky and dark' apparently –┬║well forgive me, but ISN'T THAT THE POINT!? The bonus is that I can rely on the fact that any chocolate in the house really is mine and that I don't have to hand over precious sweets to everyone that knocks on the door, every cloud and all that...

And so as the pumpkins (yes, they are still about) stare soggily from walls and doorways, I can't help but wonder how many pumpkin products are actually bought to be eaten? Are all pumpkins destined to house a nightlight and scowl at passers by until the mould takes over. Seriously, shouldn't there be a 'bin by' date?

Anyway, as always here are a few random musings not necessarily Halloween focussed, for you to ponder in the winter evenings to come...

• Why, when we hear a helicopter, do we always look up?
• Why, when someone is standing right next to us, do we feel the need to mime using a telephone every time we say we will phone them?
• When will mobile phone providers create a mobile phone so simple my gran can actually use it?

Seriously, if you know the answers, please email me!!

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