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Friday, 11 February 2011

favicon creator

Rain, rain, rain, doesn't do much for the creative soul, but it does mean that you spend less time gazing out of the window (not that I do that!) and more time being productive (I have definitely been that today!)

I have to say that my morning was the most productive part of the day, while the afternoon seemed to whizz by in a coffee flavoured blur...
I really do believe that going to the gym first thing gives me an adrenalin boost and by the time I am in work mode I am moving at double speed, but enough of my waffling:

Today, in amongst the various things I got up to, I learned of a brilliant, free favicon creator. Now this may well be something that you all knew about, but if not it's a very nifty tool.

For those of you who don't already know, a favicon is that titchy graphic device that appears next to your URL. It helps set your tab (we are living in a tab friendly world now) apart from the rest and as long as you make it simple enough, it can reinforce your brand identity.

Now I won't bore you with science, but, if you have access to a computer and you don't have a favicon for your website, go and have a look now: favicon creator it really is quite straightforward.

Other things I learned today:
• Boy cats are odds on to be more stupid than their female counterparts (but altogether nicer creatures) – not sexist, just an observation.
• Not everybody loves Ian Somerhalder (strange but true)
• Really blue skies just don't look real after a while!
• Porridge just isn't the same if you leave it to cool for too long.
• The correct length of time to brew tea is 3 minutes, with no agitation (only works in a pot apparently!)

ta ta fer now... and remember, you heard it here first.

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