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Monday, 14 February 2011

free iphone calls with viber app

When you see a wild deer, it makes you realise what a mess we have made of our countryside that we just don't see them that much anymore. But on the plus side, I was lucky enough to see two while I was out walking over the weekend.

 Despite the rainy weather, I was able to get out and about, complete with very attractive waterproof (not!) wear. A chance encounter with two startled deer, followed by a very friendly newfoundland dog (How big are they?) made for a very enjoyable if not slightly damp walk. I have decided that : shoes that are comfy when dry, does not necessarily equate to : shoes that are comfy when wet! So a few blisters later, but feeling I had thoroughly earned my lunch, I spent the afternoon playing with some fimo clay that I have recently purchased. Wicked stuff! For a creative soul, this is a perfect pastime, just like plasticine, you can work, re-work and then when you are happy that you have created the perfect sculpture, you bake it and it is a permanent feature. Luckily I have friends who like my creations, so I am not destined to become overwhelmed in my own home by fimo.

Anyway, onto more important stuff, like the reason you clicked onto this blog in the first place. I am a recent iphone convert, which is strange considering I have been a mac user for too many years to mention. I love it, it love the play factor and the user friendly interface, but most of all – I love the apps.

There are so many, a lot of them pointless but fun, but I have discovered a great free app for all of you fellow iphon-ites out there. Again if you have already discovered Viber, then I apologise for being late to the party.

Viber is a free app that once downloaded gives you free calls from iphone to iphone. Whats more it will even show you which of your contacts has downloaded the app. So come on, tell all your friends, lets make sure that we never have to pay for another call on our iphones again!

you can download it here: Viber app

As always, I like to finish with some snippets of not so profound wisdom or freshly learned facts, so here they are...

• Am I the only one who thinks that Jessie J (price tag) could be Angelina Jolie's kid sister?
• Manta rays have evolved to not have a sting in their tail.
• Never give your cat cat nip without wearing shoes, and possibly gloves.
• Catnip is part of the Mint herb family.

Until next time....

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