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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

GBBO free websites

So, today has been yet another wash out, which has made me keep my head down and concentrate even more than usual. I chose today to input all of my contacts into a single organised file... it seemed like a good idea at the time! This resulted in me having little to share with you other than the news have clicked through to find out about...

Yes that's right free! For two years you can get your own business website with free hosting thrown in, all through the Google sponsored 'Get British Business Online' scheme.

The Sites are of course template based but, they are some of the best templates I have come across and depending on your technical ability, there is a lot you can tailor with regards to the design and functionality.

Alternatively if you like the idea of the free domain, the free hosting, but simply can't be bothered to actually put in together, get in touch and Pinkfrog creative will do it for you. The charges will of course reflect the size and complexity of the site you require, but it will be cheaper than starting from scratch.

So if you don't have your business online, now really is the time to make it happen – it's never been easier or cheaper. Take a look here: GBBO initiative.

Things learned today:
• Paying the extra for an ipad 3g wireless service, does not guarantee you internet access at all times!
• Rock cakes are called that for a very good reason...
• Haggis is much nicer than you might at first think.

Speak to you very soon

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