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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Worth every penny!!

So there you are, at work, it's hot, it's summer.You may love your job, but hot days go so slowly... Why not inject your day with a little creativity? Master the art of origami, using only this simple tool: The origami sticky note pad – pure genius!
I know, so I usually only point you in the direction of useful freebies, but this is sooo worth it. Plus these are things you will probably buy for the office anyway, so why not make it fun?

There are 100 pages, with dotted lines (faint enough to write over), and instructions to create 10 different origami models.

Ooh, Here's an idea, write your note/memo on the assembled object, then flatten it out, meaning that whoever wants to read it has to re-make the model. Go on force your team mates to flex their creative muscle(s), you know you want to.

There are all sorts of places you can get these babies, here is just one of them... RIGHT HERE! And at under £2, you can afford to buy your mates one as well...or not, your choice :)

Oh, and don't forget to send me the photos...

Interesting stuff & a question:
• Chewing gum can be removed from most things with vinegar.
• Modern toilet cisterns have been reduced in size to reduce water waste, however, most people flush them twice as once is just not powerful enough, this defeats the object. Bright!
• Walking over a car can cause over £1,000 worth of damage. That's for the person who decided to walk over my car – thanks, whoever you are – there's creative and there's stupid, guess which one you are? Sorry...ahem...moving on..
• Genuinely, my cat sleeps at least 19 hours every day – is that normal?
• You can now buy black toilet paper, or any colour you like really ...check it out here

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