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Monday, 17 October 2011

Your chance to win – creative competition

As you will most certainly know by now, I encourage creativity at every level and as such, we at pinkfrog creative, have now launched the Christmas competition that I just know you have all been waiting for.

Complete creative freedom awaits you. Either create something in a medium of your choice (we don't mind what it is just as long as it is creative) or you can devise a fabulous 5 minute skill for the rest of the world to learn.

Models/creations must be photographed (mobile phone photos will do) and five minute skills must be described as succinctly as possible and must be possible to learn within the 5 minute window. The winner will not only receive a fantastic pinkfrog goody bag, but will also be published and credited on the website. For truly exceptional 5 minute skills, we may also print your skill on the back of our 2012 business cards.

Send your entries here, with details of the mastermind (name and age)behind it and of course an address so that we can send you a prize if you win. Competition is open to all ages. If you choose to embark upon a joint effort that's fine by us, but we leave the question of how to divide the prize to you.

So get your thinking caps on and send us examples of your creative genius. Competition closing date is 01.01.2012, so you have plenty of time. We are so excited to receive your entries we might just explode with anticipation... don't keep us waiting too long :)

Remember skill optional, creativity essential... good luck and may the best entry win.

The 'not so small' print
There is no limit for the amount of entries per person, but each entry must be different. Frog judges decisions are final and will be announced before the end of January 2012. Models/creations must be of your own making, or the original creator credited. Prizes will be tailored to the age bracket of the winning entry. Non family friendly entries will be discarded (although we may snigger first!) and only the winning entry is guaranteed to be published on the website.

The winner will receive a pinkfrog goody bag worth over thirty pounds! But we can't tell you what's in it as (a) it depends on your age category and (b) that would ruin the surprise.

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