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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Heaven and hell combined

Well thank you to Joe for flagging up this wonderful piece of creative genius. Ray Villafane has managed, through some of the most challenging temporary mediums, to create heavenly sculptures using some hellish subject matter. Not all of it is hellish mind you, there's a lot of science fiction and fantasy focus in there too...

He has blown the team away with his amazing sand and pumpkin creations – Wow!! He even left me speechless, which, for those who know me, is no mean feat!

What we really love though is the fact that not only does he showcase his work on his website, but he also encourages others to take up the tools and create something wonderful for themselves. So if you are looking for a little help or inside information, you could do worse than to check out his shop area. You can pick up tutorials, tools and who knows, you could be the next sculptur/sculpress we feature.

Check out his website here and see his skill for yourself. Sadly he hasn't seen fit to send in a photo of his competition entry as yet, but we are patient folk and we are sure it will come...

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