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Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Ok, I admit it, only one episode into the new series and I am truly Sherlocked, along with a significant number of other people, I understand. So much so, that I just had to stand up and share my addiction with you all! Pure brilliance, if you haven't seen it, then stop reading and log onto iplayer...seriously, go... now!
For those of you who have seen it, (can you have too much of a good thing?) refresh your memories on iplayer as well if you wish.

Well wow, I had high hopes of this second series and the first episode has well and truly delivered. Love the new technique of displaying Sherlock's thoughts on screen as he has them! The humour, as ever, is just as much expression based as verbal but the producers have also managed to inject it with moments of undiluted poignancy, it really does seem to have everything... apart from Rock and roll, but give it time. You can even read Watson's blog...

I have to say, that in my humble opinion, decent programming has been lacking of late, what with every other show being reality based or another depressing soap... and who hasn't complained at some stage about the lack of quality television available? Well this series has re-established my faith in quality British television and I commend the BBC, Sherlock is definitely one to watch this year.

It is my belief that our memory muscles are out of shape. My mother for instance, can remember birthdays, telephone numbers and addresses, without breaking stride, whereas I can barely manage the month, area code or street name before I am rushing to my trusty phone to fill in the gaps. We simply don't use our memory as much any more, we don't have to – thanks to modern technology. So in honour of Sherlock Holmes and hopefully to help us all achieve a little more when it comes to recollection, why not try this simple (considering the time of year) memory toning exercise (no adult supervision required,cheating is not prohibited just frowned upon):

• Can you, without running through the house and going through all of your worldly belongings, list all of your Christmas presents and who they were from?
• Can you remember postal addresses, including the postcode, of those nearest and dearest to you, when you need to send thank you cards, without grabbing your smart phone (tech. device of your choosing)?

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