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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Potter's Darker side...

Here we see Daniel Radcliffe a world away from his 'Potter-esque' beginnings and entering into an entirely new and darker realm.

I contemplated foregoing my usual popcorn tradition as this can sometimes be a bit problematic given my tendency to jump at the slightest thing - however, temptation and habit got the better of me...
...and a mix of salt and sweet ensued (My apologies to the gentleman unfortunate enough to sit in front of me!)To be honest, gone are the days when I could sit through a spooky movie without retreating to the protective barrier of the nearest cushion, my own meshed fingers or sometimes even my sweater (must be something to do with entering the 40s. However, this film intrigued me. I had already been told the theatre experience was excellent and pretty scary, by a man no less (Don't worry Dan, your identity will go with me to the grave) plus, young Potter was the star and so there really was no option. Despite my best efforts, my lily-livered pals were lacking in conviction when I actually booked the tickets, so it was left to my braver, better half and I to experience the film alone... Thank goodness there was a cinema full of people to take the edge off!

Well, very, very dark with plenty of 'jump factor' built in – we were impressed, nerves in threads, but impressed! You will hold your breath, your heart rate will increase, but don't worry this is all perfectly normal behaviour. Daniel puts in an excellent performance as Arthur Kipps, showing his true potential  and Ciaran Hinds in the role of Sam Daily, plays an excellent supporting role. There is no 'soft' start, you are submerged into the atmosphere from the opening scenes, there's no lollygagging, so be prepared for a roller coaster ride from start to finish. There were moments when I hid behind my hands I confess, and I may have missed some of the more tense moments – by sheer coincidence, but despite all that, I still feel that my cinema ticket was well worth the price paid.

If you like a good ghost movie, you will love this and if you don't, well, why not take a leaf out of my book and give it a go, this gets a five frog rating from me. Would I see it again... er... let's give it a while eh?

For those of you old enough to remember 6th sense, this is nothing like it, but, it is on a par, points wise and I tend to use 6th sense as a bar when it comes to spooky movies.

Advice? Keep a firm hold on your popcorn and drink if you are so inclined, keep elbows in control at your sides and make sure you have something available to hide behind (something that isn't the stranger sitting next to you, I find that some people don't like that (something about personal space..?)

Some general twaddle:
1. If you haven't tried mixing salt and sweet popcorn together, go for it, worth every surprising mouthful.
2. Did you know that using a metal or ceramic chopping board will ruin a knife blade (go for wood or, dare I say it plastic!).
3. If a child under the age of 14 spoke without the inclusion of the word 'like' they may actually be very peaceful company - like seriously!

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