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Friday, 9 March 2012

Dirty pictures!

What a great excuse NOT to wash the car! As far as creativity goes, this really is something else. Not sure what Health and safety would say, but do I care? No, it's truly fabulous.

Yes, this is the rear screen of a car, and yes, it has been beautifully illustrated – by taking away the excess dust and painting in negative.

Not only is this fiddly and difficult to do, but it's also an amazing idea. So many times I see messages written with, what I can only presume is now a very grubby, finger on dirty cars and vans, but nothing like this! Yes, ok, I admit, sometimes the hastily scraped messages do make me giggle, but this... this is inspiring. A part of me wants to empty the hoover bag over my windscreen just to have a go...

This talented artist, Scott Wade, a Texan who apparently resides near a very dusty road, doesn't just do cars. He has been commissioned to do all sorts of things, from shop window fronts (all created in dust) to music videos. You can check out his website, gallery and videos here...> and I really do believe looking through his site will be time well spent.

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