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Monday, 16 July 2012

Compact living – Yo!

Some of you may be aware of the YOTEL? Brainchild of the Yo Sushi creator Simon Woodroffe, if not you should really check out the neat, cabin style design here...> Decidedly spacey (and I don't mean spacious) living spaces that combine modern living with comfort. Based around the experience of first class plane travel and translating that into a compact and very importantly 'affordable' hotel room.
The first YOTEL in the UK was opened in Gatwick in 2007 and provides passengers with an overnight or a 4 hour stay with all the creature comforts you would expect from a first class seat. Including 'Cabin service' in the form of a 'To Go' menu and of course, complimentary drinks. TV, a power point and free WiFi is also included, all for around £30 for a 4 hr stay. The YOTEL is now available in a number of venues worldwide and really should, in my humble opinion, feature in the top '100 things to experience before you die'.

They are now launching a new product 'Yo!Home' a complete living space in just 49 square metres of space. Not only that, but this is what you can expect in a Yo!Home: A master bedroom suite, a sunken sitting room, a cinema, a dining room, an office, a full size kitchen, a breakfast room a bathroom/spa a party room and plenty of hidden storage...Phew. If you want to find out more, they will be launching at '100 design' show, 19th-22nd September (2012) at Earls Court. You can find out more about that fabulous event here...>

I for one am intrigued and I will be going to take a look for myself and the next time I get a lengthy delay at the airport, I know where I'm headed.

Enough said on that point, here are some useless ponderings and random facts...

Why is it that emails just 'disappear'? I mean really, you send an email the recipient responds and you never get it. I have no doubt that the response was sent (It came from my mother and trust me, doubting her word makes my ears sore) but where has it gone? Can I expect it to turn up in a couple of days, whistling and sporting a tan - the mind truly boggles. And what of all the responses that I don't know about...coming from valued clients and the occasional friend - OMG, what if people begin to think 'I' am not responding? There must be something that can be done for those inclined to worry about this kind of thing, I mean, seriously?

Alkaline Water
Did you know, and I bet you didn't, that water put through an Alkaline filter has smaller molecules than regular water and is therefore more watery than water?

Are wild mice intelligent enough to recognise their rescuer? I only ask as the mice my cat is presenting to me, intact, are in fact now virtually running into my palm so that I can return them to the space in the shed, I'm almost not getting bitten at all any more.

Wishing you all a Happy (inset correct day here) I will be back to befuddle and maybe amuse you in the not too distant future....

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