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Friday, 26 October 2012

Having a diversity ball!

Last night was the Diversity Role Models Carnival, a charity ball, and it was amazing. I was lucky enough to go along and be able to enjoy a night of entertainment and fun in support of a good cause. It took place on the 31st floor of Centre Point, London – where the views of London at night are truly spectacular, but not for the faint hearted.
I enjoyed, and got a little carried away with the charity auction, but I blame Christopher Biggins, who was excellent, funny and urged us all to dig deep. Sadly I din't win the afternoon tea with Downton star Michelle Dockery, Nor did I win the day at the races with Clare Balding, but I did bid up to and beyond my comfortable range... Oh well, maybe next time.

What I did get though, was a front seat at the intimate Alison Moyet performance, and let me tell you she was excellent. She looks fabulous, sounds fabulous and seemed to genuinely be enjoying herself. Meanwhile, I was the one in the front row, putting on my best 'slack jawed yokel' performance (OK, I admit I was a tad startstruck!) - oh yes, I'm sure I deserve an award for my 'vacant and adoring' expression...

After celebrity spotting in the crowd, we finished the evening determined to spend our money at the various stalls and carnival games set up around the room, in fact I have to confess to spending an unhealthy amount 'spinning a wheel' and winning the prizes that the arrow pointed to – strangely addictive and they had to give me a bag to carry my winnings home, yes, really!

All in all I thought the evening was a grand success and I hope that they achieved more and raised more than they intended. If you want to find out more or get involved, take a look at their website here...>

Diversity Role Models actively seeks to prevent homophobic bullying in United Kingdom schools. 'We aim to stop bullying before it happens by educating all young people about differences in sexuality and gender identity.' Quote taken from the diversity web site

I think the team behind this fabulous event deserve a huge pat on the back, and I am already looking forward to the next one (I might not wear the frock & heels next time though!) Well done to all involved.

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