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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Bank Holiday Baby Boom

So it's the first Bank Hol with half decent weather so what are you going to do with the week end ahead? Well I have a recommendation and the time to visit really is now...
The ICBP (International Centre for Birds of Prey) is a spectacular place to visit any time, but now, more than ever, this is a must. The are in the middle of the breeding season and now is when you will be able to watch, owls, eagles, falcons and hawk chicks being hand fed. Plus, if that wasn't enough, they have just hatched their first Andean Condor, an endangered species, which as an adult will grow to have an impressive wingspan of circa 10ft (3m). They are the among the largest birds able to fly in the world and are a sight to behold. This particular bird is the first, second generation Andean Condor to be born in the UK and this is important as only the second generation birds can be included in any re-release projects. You can read more Andean Condor stats here...>

Steller's Sea Eagle feeding chick
If you think Birds are boring, seriously, think again - when you see the birds and the displays you will change your mind. If you think you have seen Falconry displays before, think again, this is Jemima Parry Jones' centre, est. in 1969 - the oldest dedicated falconry centre in the world and Jemima herself is world renowned for her expertise. Watch out for her, she will probably be flying the birds throughout the day.

If nothing else, make sure you see these chicks, it really is worth it just to watch them.

Anyway, enough waffle, just go, you'll love it - plus you can take great pride in the fact that your visit is helping them provide protection and care to Birds of prey, not just in this country but worldwide - so you'll be doing your bit for conservation (every little bit helps).

What? are you still here? Seriously, if you get in the car now you could be in time for one of the amazing flying demonstrations...

The ICBP are based in Gloucestershire, only a short hop away from the M5 and M50. Get directions here...>

ICBP, Boulsdon House, Newent, Glos. GL18 1JJ

Once you get to Newent you can follow the brown signs out to the ICBP

Tel: 01531 820 286    email:    Website:

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