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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Tomorrowland is not enough...

I love science fiction - there you go, I said it out loud and everything, well I wrote it out loud... and yes, that is possible if you have your PC speech action turned on - really it is! Anyway, I digress, so now it's official (if you really didn't know that from previous posts, you must be new here - Hi!). So when Tomorrowland came out, I was itching to see it (and no it wasn't just the lure of popcorn). As usual, I dragged my partner along as well, because, well seeing films on your own is just wrong...

The lead cast was excellent, George Clooney and Hugh Laurie no less, I mean - perfect right? Set in current times, but featuring an alternative universe free of politics, beaurocracy and restrictions - a real recipe for success... Sadly no. 

The intentions of this film were admirable and the effects amazing, so why did it miss the mark? Don't get me wrong, this wasn't a bad film, it just wasn't a very good one. I admit I am not the target audience (12) but I just felt it didn't WOW me. The concept is great and the cast did a great job with what they were given, but the complex storyline meant that almost from the start it was just too slow. There were some big scenes that could've been truly spectacular but they weren't explored, they just got lost in the explanation of the plot. George Clooney is gorgeous as ever and Hugh Laurie is drier than a crispy crisp fried three times and then left in the desert to soften up - I can't fault the team - its just the film that doesn't quite...cut it.

That said, the message throughout was an excellent one and if you want your kids to see a film that really champions the environment and highlights the destructiveness of modern living, then this is the one. Following in the footsteps of WALL•E this film doesn't hold back many punches when it comes to environmental concerns and that, in my eyes is its salvation.

So take your kids and make sure you get plenty of popcorn, because otherwise it's just no fun. Enjoy the down time and let your offspring suck up the important messages - its worth it just for that. 

And now, completely unrelated, here's some random stuff for you to ponder:

• A quidnunc is a proper word - yes it is! It means a person who gossips.

• Antidistablishmentarianism is another a proper word, in fact its the longest English word - I would explain what it means, but there's simply not enough space on the page - lets just say it's 'churchy'...

• On average, raindrops fall at around 20mph, versus drizzle which maxes out at about 4.5mph.

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