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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Everyone loves a hero!

It's been a while since I enjoyed a good animation film, which is why, when I had some time to kill on a long haul flight, and I saw Big Hero 6 in the line up, I thought "why not..."

Honestly, when this film first came out I was completely neutral - it didn't grab my imagination at all. The animation looked impressive, but other than that I had no particular urge to see it. So imagine my surprise when this cheeky little Disney animation completely blew me away!

Yes, it's a little cheesy in places but it is, primarily, a kids film, heavily dusted with adult humour and full of laugh out loud moments. The animation was slick and the characters covered all bases and it was an awesome, awesome film. I am only gutted that I missed out on the big screen experience (plus there was no popcorn on the plane!).

It's got action, laughter, tear-jerker moments (no popcorn, but the plane did have tissues!) and the obligatory Disney moral message - it's a winner all round and it makes being a nerd super cool - I love it!

You don't need children to enjoy this film - trust me. So if you haven't seen it and you fancy an easy to watch, guaranteed winner, then close the curtains, sit back and relax - Big Hero 6 is all you need.

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