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Friday, 20 January 2012

panoramic film

I know I try to only bring you apps that are free as well as fun, or useful, but this one just couldn't be passed by. It costs a grand total of 69p and is worth it. It enables you to use your iphone camera to take a 360 degree image or film (you choose) upload it to a third party website and then share the link. Seriously, this could make conventional postcards a thing of the past!
Think about it, you are on holiday and you are standing in the most idyllic spot and there isn't a postcard in the world that could capture what you are seeing, but hey, you just hold up your phone, open up the app and press record. In seconds you have a fully stitched together 360 degree film, which you can always upload as a single flat (very long) image. Send the link to whoever you want and add a text message – voila – a modern day post card replacement. The film's pretty good quality too, even if you suffer from shaky hand syndrome...

As far as business goes, this could also be a very valuable and cost effective tool. Imagine you have a product, something that doesn't photograph well or even a space/venue that you are trying to sell/hire... are you imagining that? Good, well now you can show the whole product, or the whole space and have it uploaded in seconds. It could be linked from your website, you could use it as a link from a third party site such as a popular auction site that starts with 'e' and rhymes with 'day' for example (we haven't tested that yet, but where there's a will there a way, right.... The possibilities are endless and the results really are quite impressive. So if you have a few minutes to kill and you have 69p burning a hole in your bank account, why not download it now and see what you could do. Check the compatibility though as it's only valid for 3Gs and later iphones. We love this app and it has to be the most useful we have seen for some time. Take a look for yourself here...>

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