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Friday, 7 December 2012

Creative Christmas ideas

So it's that time of year again and like most of us, you are probably struggling to find those elusive, original gift ideas... well, as always I am here with a helping hand. Below are a top ten selection of his 'n' hers gems that won't break the bank and may well get you some extra brownie points this year. Try not to keep too many for yourself eh?

1. Banksy wall stickers – From under £10 – loving a bit of creativity in the home and of course who could be more creative than Banksy himself, so when we saw this range of fabulous Banksy wall stickers, we were smitten.
Again, suitable for both sexes and all ages you can choose from the girl with the balloons to the gun toting panda, whatever you choose, you can go wild and reposition these wherever you want, jazzing up that bit of wall space that has been challenging your interior design skills... There are a range of stockists, but you could start by taking a look here...>
3. Plectrum heaven – Under £15– Calling all friends of guitarists... this is THE best present for strummers in your life. Plectrums are pesky things, constantly getting themselves lost or worse, breaking. The answer, this handy little plectrum maker. Make plectrums to match an outfit, never clash with your guitar again, plus in true 'Green' style, you are recycling old plastic. Seriously handy.
Take a look here...>

4. Pet hoody – From under £15 – now I know that pet dressing up is big business but I am never quite sure about it, however, if you must have some outdoor kit for your four legged friend then surely this is it... Ed Sheeran eat your heart out the 'pooch hoody' has arrived, these uber cool sweaters are available form FAB in a rage sizes, from toy 'handbag' dogs to manly Great Danes, and in an equally broad range from super butch to the outright girly la la.
Take a look here...>

5. The smart phone handset – Under £20 – available in a range of colours, these phone handsets plug into the smartphone headphone jack and enable you to take calls in a more comfortable, stylish fashion. No more hunched over the phone stretching the charging cable to the limit so that you can talk and still see your computer screen. The must have accessory for every self respecting desktop, and what's more it has the added bonus of getting you away form that pesky radiation. There are a few variations on the market, take a look here...> (Oh and if anyone is unsure what to get me this year, one of these in black or light blue would do nicely thank you!)
6. Magnificent flying machines – From under £20 – Well, what can we say, these helicopters and flying machines are just sooo addictive. I bought two and I may not give either away!Whether it's just an office toy or something a little more sophisticated, these helicopters, even at their basic level are stylish, well made and most of all, really good fun. If you worry about collisions then perhaps the rounded UFO version is the one for you. Find them here...>

 2. Ice phone – From Under £30 – Another great gadget for smartphones that makes answering your mobile at your desk not only easier, but also fun too and what's more it will charge your device while plugged in too! Make sure you check before you buy that you don't need to purchase an adaptor for the device to be used with it. Comes in a range of colours, and a very tactile rubberised finish so suitable for the man or woman in your life.
Take a look here...>
7. Clocky – Under £35 – Do you know someone who has an eye for design but who also has a little trouble getting up? Well this is perfect. This characterful clock not only is a delight to the eyes, but it's also clever. It will allow you one snooze, but after the second one, if you aren't up and admiring its curves, it will simply roll away, giving you the contempt ou deserve, which means, you guessed it – you then have to get out of bed to turn it off. Fun and effective. Take a look here...>
8. Vinyl amp – Under £40 – Simply wow! Made from recycled Vinyl, this eye catching and effective amplifier impressively boosts your smart device sound but without any moving parts - and yes, it looks fabulous too. Designer Paul Cocksedge has done himself proud with this ingenious and practical sculpture. Another tick for the recycling box here, so you can feel good about buying it too. Take a look here...>

9. Trendy teapots – Under £45 – so you thought a pot of tea was something that only happened to your parents, think again. These PANTONE tea pots will match/compliment your PANTONE mugs perfectly (what do you mean you haven't got any, have I taught you nothing?!). And yes, after several experiments, I concur with the experts, that tea really does taste better – from a pot. Available online and other retailers. Take a look here...>

Mega Munny as it comes
Yoda Mega Munny by Sean Viloria
10. Super Cool Creative Genius, and that's just the result – From £20-£186 – Taking creativity to another level, MUNNY & MEGA MUNNY This cool dude comes in a range of sizes and colours and is completely customisable. Paint, pierce and pose. They are selling fast, so if you want one, or know someone who might, then be quick about it. Take a look here...>

Hopefully there is something in that little lot of goodies that will appeal to your Christmas list. Links are provided to some outlets for these items, but they are not a recommendation, just a good place to start. Prices quoted are correct at the time of writing this article.

Good luck and happy shopping... oh and in honour of Yoda (above) may the force be with you...

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