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Friday, 18 January 2013

An end to grumbling?

Like many people I cope with the annoyances of everyday life, grumble a bit and move on to the next annoying thing, but do I ever sit and think of how to stop the annoying things? No. Well thank goodness, there are other people out there that do, and in fact do nothing but look for a solution to the 'little' problems we face, every day...

In my ongoing search for creativity, wherever it may lie, I have come upon some such solutions and I couldn't wait to tell you all about them. Simple, reasonably priced and mightily effective.

In the office, the car, lounge - fab!!
Yes, they are a necessary evil for many of us, even in a world of Wifi, There's still the charging cable and the headphone jack cable etc - there's simply no getting away from cable rage! Trust me I have tried lots of solutions, I have an under the desk cable tidy, a behind the TV cable 'snap' device, but they still drive me mad on so many levels... My main bug bear is that I tend to have cables, just lying around, you know ready for use and then you accidentally nudge them and before you know it they are behind the table trying to breed with some other cables lurking there and you are down on your hands and knees trying to separate them... Well I think you get the picture.

But no more, because the cable 'drop' has arrived! The cable drop is a small, discreet device with an adhesive backing that simply grips your cable, large or small and stops it from sliding out of sight. you can stick them away out of sight or display them on top of your desk for all to see. They are wondrous.

Available in a range of bright colours for the more flamboyant, or simply black and white for the more conservative. I have them, I love them and I praise their creator daily.

You can get them in a range of places, here's a couple of links to start you off:
Coloured cable drops:
Black and white cable drops:

In the age of smart media, tablets/smartphones etc. Does anyone else struggle with getting the damn things to stay put and also get a little protection? I mean, I know you can get cases that fold back and form a complex kind of stand, but to be honest I have always preferred the sleek case free look, or at least the minimal streamlined case accompaniment, which doesn't protect or support at all. So when I am using my smart device on a flat surface, I will often use whatever is to hand to prop it up... salt pot, candle, you name it... but the smooth reverse of the device used always means that the minute I touch the screen it slides into a flat position - Grrrr!

So you can imaging my delight when I discovered these fabulous stick on grips. Developed by BlueLounge, these 'kicks' are rubber protective strips that you can simply apply to the back of you smart hardware and easily remove to reposition if required (low tack adhesive). Great huh, low profile, easy to use and provides the extra grip and protection that I have been craving for so long... Kicks, I'm so glad I found you.

To find them for yourselves, take a look at the BlueLounge video here>
and if you are based in the UK want to know where to get them, you can always have a look at one UK seller here>

Of course I will continue my search for solutions to things you may not even have been aware were driving you crazy and rest assured, anything found will be published as soon as possible. In the mean time, breathe a sigh of relief your life just became marginally less stressful.

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