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Friday, 18 January 2013

The spectacularl life of Pi

Yes, I have inserted the word spectacular into the title as I firmly believe this was an error on the part of the production team, what with all of their hard work channeled into the making of the film itself, it's forgivable that they missed out the fact that this film needed more of a descriptive title...

The book, it has to be said, has been on my list of 'to read' for many years, but there never seemed to be the right moment for it - trust me, I will make sure I find the right moment now, because to be completely honest, the film wasn't enough – I just want more! You can buy the book online here>

This movie really is a feast for the eyes, each scene is beautifully created and whereas 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' made me long to explore the Hustle and bustle of Indian city life, this made me yearn to explore the more distant and obscure areas of India, with its customs and its vivid colour (as well as its wildlife).

Rich and captivating, this film drew me in to the story quickly (my popcorn lasted much longer than usual!) and I fell instantly in love with the lead character a Bengal Tiger called, Richard Parker.

Words are hardly enough to review this film, but let's just say that if you like wildlife, love a good yarn and aren't afraid of a little light hearted fantasy, then this is the film for you. It is filled to the brim with vibrancy, emotion and adventure and what you believe at the end of it, well that's u to you.

This is surely one for the collection.

You can see the trailer here>

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