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Friday, 18 January 2013

Skiing, blading and boarding apps, Skaps?

So it's well into the ski season (sadly injury prevents me from partaking this year), So I thought I would look at some of the ski geek apps that are currently available...
Thank you in advance for the valuable input from Emma (you know who you are Treadwell) who is the nicest ski geek I know.

From checking out the forecast and stats, to getting alerts to snowfall in your designated area, I am sure that you will find an app that is perfect just for you – happy skiing...

Ski Tracks - GPS recorder - Rated 5*
There is a paid and a free 'lite' version of this, but it's a mere snip at 69p.
Track and compare and save your speed, altitude, distance and so much more... fill your ski-boots with this nifty little techy ski tool. 
Check it out here>

Ski Webcams - Free
This is a freebie, so if you are busy chasing the snow around the world, this straightforward 'does what it says on the tin' app could be just what you are looking for...
Check it out here>

Ski and Snow Report - Free
A great free app that gives you up to the minute updates on your chosen ski area, details snowfall, lift status, overall depth and much much more. For all the basic information and at no cost - you can't really go wrong.
Check it out here>

iTrailMap - Free
So, that pesky little folded map, you know, the one that always gets soggy and is cumbersome to use... yes that's the one - forget it - no longer needed! That's right, you can now download and have the map easily to hand on your phone (if you have smart touch sensitive gloves on too you won't even need to get your hands cold!). No cellular data needed to run this app either.
Check it out here>

So now you are all gadgeted up, you have no excuse - get out there and enjoy the white stuff!

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